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  • 1st mortgage position

  • Reduced lending exposure with 50% loan-to-value

  • Manages commercial real estate concentration issues

  • Opens up lending availability

  • High size limits and business size caps

  • Preserves working capital, which keeps cash in deposit accounts

  • Unique marketing opportunity

  • Finances heavy machinery and equipment

  • Attracts new borrowers

  • We are your partner, not your competitor…you keep your clients

  • The 504 Loan Program can be used multiple times

We are not your competitor…we’re your partner!  The 504 Loan Program is partnership at its best.  We partner with hundreds of banks on commercial loans ranging from $200,000 to over $5 million.  SBCC will coordinate the entire 504 Loan process and work to ensure everything goes smoothly for your client.  There's simply no other product on the market that offers entrepreneurs an affordable way to grow their business, gives banks a low-risk addition to their menu of lending solutions and promotes job growth and economic development in communities across the country!

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We help local businesses expand and grow!
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