Loan Process
  • Determine if project is eligible
  • Initial meeting with banker & borrower
  • Bank approval & commitment letter
PrePackaging/SBA Approval
  • SBCC obtains required documents from borrower & banker
  • SBCC submits package to SBCC board for approval
  • SBCC submits package to SBA for approval
PreInterim Financing
  • 504 Loan Authorization issuedborrower
  • Appraisal & environmental requirements submitted
  • Interim financing provided by bank
PreClosing/Debenture Sale
  • Project construction is completed or occupying building
  • 504 loan is closed, debentures are sold, bank is paid down
  • At this time the borrower will have two loans; SBCC will service the SBA loan
Fair Lending Policy
In keeping with its economic development mission, SBCC is committed to the principles of fair or equal opportunity lending.  A consistent and high level of assistance and servicing will be provided to all small business or business owners regardless of race, national origin, religion, sex, age, marital status, disability, receipt of public assistance, or other factors.  Underwriting standards will be applied fairly and consistently permitting access to credit for  abroad range of customers.  Applicants with equivalent credit qualifications will receive the same consideration.