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The Small Business Capital Corporation (SBCC) is a private, non-profit corporation operating as a qualified and accredited lender in the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 Loan Program.
SBCC's mission is to promote economic development and growth of small businesses in Oklahoma and to promote the general wealth, welfare, and prosperity of people residing or operating business in Oklahoma. 
Founded in 1992, SBCC has approved debentures for over $187 million, with total project costs for these loans of over $526 million and creating over 2,823 jobs in Oklahoma.  These loans have provided funding in a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and health and human services.

As a lender for the Small Business Administration, SBCC structures loans and partners with local financial institutions to fund the expansion needs of small business owners across the state of Oklahoma. The SBA 504 Program was created to encourage economic development in communities and offers small business owners access to below market, fixed rate financing with ten, twenty, or twenty-five year terms.

The SBCC staff looks forward to an opportunity to work with you. 
Judy Roach
President & CEO
Jennifer Reagan
VP, Executive Director
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